April 29, 2006

Ho Hum Just carrying em all in me head is screwing with the multi-tasking circuits.
  • New words.. poopycock the lot of them in my opinion.
  • We do need a word for spanking a slightly soiled harp seal on a midsummer Tuesday that coincides with the ides of July while yodelling and impersonating a Bob Dylan dirge and substituting all the lyrics with "kite" or "parsnip" all the way to grandmothers house.
  • I seem to remember a German friend of mine, using a word with that precise meaning InsolentChimp. The exact pronunciation escapes me. A strength of English is it's lack of shame is borrowing the gobbeldygook of others, it's why they were an empire you know.
  • I don't object in the least to newcomer words, in fact I think they're intriguing, and find some, like celebutante, amusing. Yet I do find annoying the way in which some of the older but still venturesome words change their pronounciations or their meanings. For example, the word buoy, which in the days of my youth sounded exactly like boy, has now canoodled many in the US into making it a two-syllabled horror when it stands alone, though so far the buoy in buoyant seems unaltered. /both nincompoopsical and pedanticklish
  • Should add, welcome to MoFi, BasilDrak! which is a most evocative name, speaking of words.
  • Booo-eeee! Booo-eee! Heh.
  • foghorn fookhorn Double heh and no backsies!
  • Chimp, you just turn the werd-buggy around 'cause the gate to GramMa's is shut. Bees, does the bastardization of the term "free rein" bother you as much as it bothers me. I like my horses to walk on a free rein, but I'm sure sick of Bush's free reign.
  • Its gives one paws for thought.
  • Yea, it's a mute point at this junction
  • I could care less. Bweee!
  • I'm all for the creation of new words, and the inclusion of them in the dictionaries. The words serve a purpose, and we're conscious of their creation. However, the inclusion of things like "free reign" and "butt naked" is just plain silly. Just because a lot of lazy people have botched them up[ over the years, why should the lexicons give legitimacy to the botched versions?