April 28, 2006

Kymaerica WTF? Can some one 'splain this one? I like joking the mundanes as much as the next monkey, but these guys seem to have a complete alternate world history with no explanation of what's going on or how to participate even though they ask for donations. via Boing Boing
  • And no wikipedia entry...
  • Kramerica?
  • It looks to be something of a chimera...
  • i think the key here is "via Boing Boing". This is typical of the pointless stupid junk that Boing Boing is all about these days.
  • Here is an interview with Kymarica's creator, Eames Demetrios, whose latest project, 'Kymaerica', aims to map the psychological environment of America, and uses mythology to explain our physical landscape.
  • "It is a lovely portmanteau," said Humpty Dumpty, "but Borges knew when to end a good chuckle." Freud observed the map and noted the enlarged phallus, "Why does he detract so much from the 'head' area in this blatant disregard of proportion and add so much to the 'penis'? That's right, I said penis. My name is Sigmund."
  • They're not affiliated with me.
  • Personally I rather enjoy metropolitan public transportation maps where the names of stops have been turned into witty anagrams, particular when done for maps of systems serving metropolitan areas in Nordic countries who's original names look no different, nor less amusing, than the funny anagrams themselves, that seems to be what BoingBoing is all about these days. Of course this post is about something else. I don't quite get it. KY rings a bell.
  • It is a rather well-lubricated idea. I really don't know how lubrication helps tho'.
  • Eames DEMENTrios, creator?
  • Forgive me for joining in, but I appreciate your posts and I think that the thing that BoingBoing kind of left out was that Kymaerica manifests in the linear world as well. And you might especially enjoy this Historic Site in the desert: http://www.kymaerica.com/feature.html That was part of the High desert Test Sites out in Joshua Tree. And we are putting plaques around the continent honoring events from the alternative universe in our linear one. Anyway, just want to say that. As for the lubrication--well, not when I am writing if I can help it.