April 28, 2006

Foamy rules Foamy is my hero. Hilarious, some more than others.
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  • Welcome, BasilDrak.
  • Hilarious, some more than others. Can you post a few examples? The one I watched ("UNMENTIONABLE AUCTIONS") ... eh, not my bag.
  • "You will arise and take - me - to - the - bagelshop!" (From Five more minutes, now on the DVD.) Good times.
  • BasilDrak, thanks I needed a laugh or two.
  • So swearing a lot and fantasies of committing violence are still funny?
  • I reckon they're supposed to be a pisstake Space Coyote. The tech support ones crease me up. Had a convo with a bloke in India when I rang in for techo advice one time. Took me a while to get that he was in another country not just another state. Ta for the welcome EarWax. Goodonya.
  • My cat Doodlebug goes nuts whenever she hears Foamy's voice. She'll run into the room and sit and "watch" the episode. Some of the episodes from a few years ago were awesome. Now, I just watch them because the cat wants to watch.
  • It's funny because her breasts are large. I didn't like these when I saw 'em on NG and I still don't understand why they're so popular.
  • I liked "Free your mind"...
  • I think he sort of jumped the shark when he stopped attacking starbucks and fat people and moved to ... what is it he's attacking now?
  • So swearing a lot and fantasies of committing violence are still funny? The funny part is that he is demanding, but ultimately powerless. The contrast is funny. In the "Five more minutes" sketch (still by far my favorite), he can't even take himself to the bagel shop. He keeps trying to wake the girl, to satisfy his cheesy cheesy cream cheese craving, keeps threatening "squirrelly wrath", but cannot do anything about it. Squirrely wrath is just not very wrathful. ("Five more minutes" isn't on the site anymore, but may be elsewhere online.) Foamy reminds me of Zim from Invader Zim though, as my husband just pointed out, Zim is powerful, but that powerfulness is undermined by his own incompetence and overestimation of the power of the humans.