April 28, 2006

Rock Goddess, Jayne County
  • its really this picture that makes you say "wow. that's a dave clark five wig."
  • "Man enough to be a woman"
  • So, what are the tax rates in Jayne County? Good schools?
  • And the inspiration behind Hedwig.
  • I remember watching a documentary (obviously bankrolled by the 400 Club or something similar) back in the late 80's (think it was hosted by Paul Ankenberg?) - - - detailing the evils and satanic ways of hidden messages in rock music (subliminal, backwords, etc...). While the adults producing the show were obviously trying to "scare" kids from listening to rock music, it had the opposite effect (for me anyways). I'll never forget the host of the docu talking about the evils of "Wayne County..." I ran out to the local record store and special orderd his/her album the next day!
  • i saw her do a show once in new york where penny arcade (high as kite, mind you) introduced her for like 45 minutes...what i remember most though was jayne coming out on stage frowning so hard her mouth looked like a staple. 'i hate the day! take it away!'
  • Bloody brilliant SR!
  • Ah, yes....Wayne County and the Electric Chairs. She/he's still kicking after all these years.