April 28, 2006

Bring It On! Ever wanted to be in the Royal NZ Air Force? Now's your chance with these amazing flash-based simulators! Airlift flooded farmers! Rebuild Polynesian villages! Build a Hercules C-130 out of paper! (Via Vishy)
  • Pretty cool, but where's the CAS gaims or staffing enemy convoys? I thought the armed services were all about killing!
  • There's always America's Army. though it's kind of hard to find a decent way to get it other than visiting your local recruiting station. Not impossible though.
  • Ender's Game, anyone?
  • Okay, that's awesome. Great post. :)
  • very cool.
  • Hey! There's something missing! The bit, where we get to stand on our roof and throw cans of beans at the enemy!!!! We don't need them stealth bombers when we've got games, and kiwi ingenuity...