April 27, 2006

Superstar Varla Jean Merman

be sure to check out the guess my weight quiz. hi-larious!

  • Saw Varla @ the Perth Arts fest. V. good.
  • I sense a theme...
  • ah...did i not mention? It's Gender Illusionist Appreciation Week!
  • *snaps on stockings just to be friendly, like*
  • *snaps kit's suspenders just to be friendly, like*
  • *giggles coquettishly*
  • *digs the robot of sexy*
  • Don't hijack the thread! You'll make thomeone upthet.
  • *admires Wolof's digs*
  • He's lovely. But if he's a Mer-man, where's his fishtail?
  • I think Wolof is stealing someone's moves there.
  • Can he sing like Ethel? That is the question.
  • yes, actually...although one time i heard her go quite operatic singing the words off the "do not patronise citibank" posters that their building maintenance union posted all over manhattan...
  • Hey Maw! Look at that pointy-haired little girl!
  • The guess my weight was great. He's a real class dame.