April 22, 2006

Gunshot suicide in a police interrogation room - surprisingly, this is not from rotten.com or ogrish.com but instead snopes.com. [WARNING: disturbing streaming .wmv] I'm even more surprised that the Mikkelsons didn't put a warning on the page as per their usual protocol, considering this is probably the most disturbing thing I've seen on that site by far. Albeit the title of the link should have given me paws.

Furthermore, it's amazing that a man wanted for attacking a police officer with a pistol made it into the jail without being searched. I'd be saying, "Oh, fuck," too.

  • given me paws There's one for the eggcorn database.
  • Well, they say it's a video of someone committing suicide, isn't that warning enough? The thing I don't like about the snopes site is their retarded "anti-leeching" detection based on the Referer header. That header can't be relied on for useful information as any perusal through a server log would tell you. Morans!
  • I can't believe that the police didn't search a guy who had just shot a police officer. That makes no sense at all. If this video did not exist, I imagine I would have felt sure that the police murdered him.
  • They released the video so they wouldn't be accused of killing him in custody.
  • That was intentional exppii. Don't ask me why, maybe cuz I like polar bear/bartender jokes?
  • According to the story on the site, the video was "leaked" after it became a widely circulated police training "don't" video.
  • Weird the way he keeps moving aftarwards... So weird I had to watch it twice. He really didn't want to go to prison did he?
  • I guess a bullet through the brain messes all the signals up. The Vietnam execution video (that bloke getting his brains shot out in the street) made me feel ill. It's not as spectacular as Hollywood, but the knowledge that it is real is sickening.
  • Messes all the signals up? I hear ya Holmes!
  • In an unintentional segue betwen this thread and another recent discussion, Lawrence Kasdan's movie The Grand Canyon contains the most frightening movie violence I have ever seen, when Steve Martin's character is shot in the leg by a carjacker. This act comes by surprise in an otherwise non-violent movie, and the moment is as shocking to the audience as it is to the character. Martin falls to the ground, bleeding, in great pain, and pisses his pants as his agony forces loss of control. It is an extremely disturbing scene because it is played for the reality, not for shoot-em-up bravado. Like this movie scene, the few times I have witnessed brutality in real life have been extremely disturbing because it has been sudden and entirely unexpected. The cops in this video have clearly been through quite a lot in their careers, as most of us would have panicked in a similar situation (at least I would have). While some might spin their reaction as an immediate worry about covering their asses, I see it more as the reaction of battle-weary officers who have seen more in their hours on duty than the rest of us will ever see. My two cents.
  • Direct link to the video for those that have issues with embedded WMV. And, guh. You really probably don't want to watch that anyway.
  • I was very disturbed by that scene, too, RTD. I think what adds to the shock is that it's Steve Martin and not, say, Danny Glover, whom we're used to seeing get shot.
  • They note that no brain matter spews out over the walls etc, well, that's due to the kind of ammo he's got in there. If he was using frangible shot, well then his head would have blown open like a fucking mellon.
  • This act comes by surprise in an otherwise non-violent movie, and the moment is as shocking to the audience as it is to the character. Much like the recent volkswagen car ad I saw, which worked perfectly as they must have intended, where I was passively listening to their mundane driving chatter, not paying too much attention and BAM ... head on in to a truck. Boy, that ad got my attention. Anyone else see that one?
  • If he was using frangible shot, well then his head would have blown open like a fucking mellon. Really? I thought soft bullets don't leave the body. Like other service issue hollow points, do they not leave comparable non-exiting wounds? Most soft bullets expand for maximum energy transfer to target in order to increase lethality by increasing damage to soft tissue and simultaneously decreasing the chance of exit wounds from the increased friction. This enables law enforcement agencies to use weapons more safely (and oddly, more lethally) in populated areas. Frangibles are used somewhat similarly to my understanding, except they break on impact instead of mushrooming to help reduce ricochet. I know they are marketed to law enforcement organizations, but are they used only for training in gun ranges? Still, I'd like to see the results from that forensic paper link, but I have no access. Of course, if you're talking about the magic bullet, then I can't argue with forensic science that solidly and professionally done.
  • "Really? I thought soft bullets don't leave the body." Hmm, I think that's just cop weapons; they select for stopping power. I think cops in the US use cup point bullets. These spread their impact out into the target. I think, it depends on which part of the body you hit, the ammunition & its velocity, + the gun. A skull, essentially a brittle hollow container with mostly jelly inside it, will burst apart with a frangible shell going thru it, such as from a high powered rifle (viz, JFK). A 'plinker' .22 shot in the head will probly kill you, but most likely wont exit. There was a guy in Argentina, or maybe Peru, I forget, accidently shot himself in the head with a .44 magnum about a decade or more ago, it took off a quarter of the skull along with a huge part of one hemisphere of his brain, literally like a slice had just been cut out (I have the photos). He survived, and had his skull rebuilt. He was only partially paralysed. That would have been standard ammo, I should think. So the effects are wildly different between cases. If this guy had shot himself in the mouth, I think the shell would have exited the top of his skull, but I don't think you'd see a spray of blood & gore; it probably wouldn't be visible. But even the Bud Dwyer footage, where he uses a very large caliber magnum, seems to show the bullet not exiting. I'm not sure, I can't watch that footage again. Thickness of skull bone also varies quite considerably, too.
  • you sick fucks
  • ^ yeah, that i've seen some really gross stuff on the interwebs. i suppose freaky fetishes are what makes the internets go 'round. I draw the line atWAAAAAAAAY before dying. People doing stupid shit and dying. People having fucked up shit happen to them and dying. Also, people sending this stuff to your email account about 3 months ago, then watching it right before you go to bed, thereby f-ing you up for a few days. Yeah, the line is drawn waaaay before there too.
  • I think cops in the US use cup point bullets. In Canada, the RCMP use hollow points, according to the representative firearms and toolmarks guy who did a seminar for one of my forensics classes. He also noted (as you did) that the .22 is the weapon of choice for "professionals" for the reason that it'll sooner bounce through the soft tissue of your head than exit. I see your point about the shot into an open mouth as the palatine bones are extremely fragile comparatively to other cranial bones, however, a bulllet could possibly encounter a lot of friction from the sphenoid bone. It's hard for me to picture a skull in an unfragmented state. I think we need some professional input, isn't tennenho a surgeon?
  • Techsmith, that's the one where they say Oh Shit!! at the end. I can't believe the FCC allowed that in a commercial,,if that's the one you are talking about.
  • Why the fuck did you post this? The snopes editorial was bullshit. No I shall not justify that. Why did you post it as opposed to some other snuffography? Me like post, so post more, before my erection dies. Oups its bleeding out of its tiny mouth.. white blood it feels good.
  • did you guys see this one the other day? via teh howie
    One day last year, a 33-year-old Oregon man picked up a nail gun and put it to his head. Just what drove him isn't clear. Personal problems, mental illness and methamphetamine all probably played a role. He fired. And fired again. And again. Twelve times. Six nails clustered between his right eye and ear. The heads caught on the skull; the points pushed into the brain. He shot two nails below his right ear, four more through the left side of his face. At some point, he reloaded: Eight of the finishing nails measure 11/2 inches, four have 2-inch shanks. A day later, he went to a small Oregon hospital. He said he had a headache.
  • Maybe he wanted to add on a balcony?
  • Personal problems, mental illness and methamphetamine all probably played a role. I'm guessing there's a couple of Seconals somewhere in that mix, too.
  • Techsmith, that's the one where they say Oh Shit!! at the end. I can't believe the FCC allowed that in a commercial,,if that's the one you are talking about. Yeah, that's the one.. but in the version I saw (I've seen it once since then), they cut it off right at the "t". The snopes editorial was bullshit. I have to say I agree with that. I started 2 or 3 times to mention their strange commentary, but didn't know how to express it. For example, "the weapon does not produce an ear-shattering concussive sound in the small room, blood and brain matter don't splatter all over the walls, and the victim's body isn't hurtled out of the chair and onto the floor." That seems a strange thing to comment on. "[The Police officer] doesn't respond with any of the emotions most of us might feel, such as fear, panic, terror, or digust." Again, I don't know why they're commenting on his actions in this way. Seems unlike the typical snopes commentary/editorials.
  • Maybe he wanted to add on a balcony? hmmm yes. brilliant. i'm seeing a lot of money to be made in a series of self/home-improvement books... What To Do With All That Junk, All That Junk Inside Your Trunk: Patios and Porches for the Well-Endowed Buttress
  • Wedge: The x-ray indicated that the brain was missed, not a Phineas Gage perhaps?
  • sounds like he was a little phineas gaged to begin with, if you know what i mean.
    ...he had never seen so many objects in one brain. Even one nail in the brain can kill a person, West said. But while bullets can kill with sheer energy, with lower-speed nail guns "it's all location," West said, where the nail ends up. X-rays showed how strangely lucky this man was. One nail, nearly fatal, went through the neck, piercing muscles used to move the jaw. "It just missed his brain stem," West said. "That would have done it all. It was maybe a centimeter away."
  • randomaction, I posted for the reasons I stated. While it's nice that you find all this sexually appealing, I'll just reiterate my reasons cuz you asked: 1) I was surprised that this was on snopes 2) I was surprised that the cops didn't search a man for weapons who was wanted for attempted cop killing And if you really want more "snuffography" I'll look for you, but I can't promise results. As for the snopes editorial bullshit, I agree. There is a lot of bullshit editorial on snopes. Isn't that what editorial is; conjecture? techsmith, I'm not sure what you mean about the oddity of the things mentioned. I think snopes was responding to what we expect about these kind of things from the stories and usually larger than life representations we see in the movies and books. They focus on folklore, reality and the interaction of the two so they tend to take the angle of personal interaction with tales as expectations of reality into the subjects they discuss.
  • Fuck your bullshit justifications you dirty ape, just bring on the snuffography. Snuffography has appeared four times now on monkey filter, I shall google it. Mr InsolentChimp snopes usually doesn't opine or editorialize, they present the facts. This stood out because of the assumptions they made about the state of minds of the people directly involved, and to a lesser extent about us, the public. Note this however you cheeky monkey: interesting post I was not attacking it in any fashion.
  • randomaction, like I said, this is not SE.
  • Chyren, like I said what are you trying, in a charming ham-fisted way, to get at?
  • Fuck your bullshit justifications you dirty ape... Give the personal attacks and pointless profanity a rest already, eh? Take a break if you need to remember how to argue civilly.
  • MonkeyFilter: Personal attacks and pointless profanity ...it's all location," West said... As always. Location. Location. Location.
  • ...snopes usually doesn't opine or editorialize... Oh? Take a look. Just a few examples of editorial content which more often than not compliments the facts that they use. I've looked through a lot of these legends when I was bored and I've noticed that this sort of heavy editorial speculation tends to occur on many of their pages. The voice that they tend to use is editorial: "Perhaps this tale is so popular because it enables us to feel smugly superior..." (From the last link) - I'd like to know how to measure that feeling of smug superiority. They also quite often use words such as "we" or "us" in place of phrases which should be "many people" or "Americans" (or maybe "Barbara and David Mikkelson") if they wanted to make the statement more factual. Yes they do use resources, but so does any editor worth the time. Take a harder look at the rest of the site, you'll see it. The entirity of the gunshot suicide article wasn't editorial, it just contained editorial commentary much like the rest of their site.
  • Oh and here's some more snuff porn for ya.
  • Thank you for the porn, not really my bag tho. I don't really think you are a dirty ape, wasn't a personal attack at all, sincerely sorry if it came across as such.. Sorry for being excesively profane. *Checks to see if their is any humble pie left* *There is - so eats some*
  • No hard feelings at all. You were pretty clear in your comments that you were in a joking mood. I thought you were somewhat crude in forgetting to put "damn" in front of the "dirty ape" though.
  • Did you even click the new link, randomaction? It's from amazon.com, you can buy it.
  • Got some pie there, random?