April 16, 2006

Draw a face And it will be added to all the others. These will then be rendered into the mean (average, not stingy or angry) face. (Flash-based.)
  • It's always good to get some face time.
  • Let's face it: that was a terrible joke
  • I want a more evolved and definite meanface. (3413)
  • I can't envisage a use for this.
  • cool!
  • The composite face is pretty impressionistic. Kinda looks like the "face" on Mars.
  • So, how exactly do you see the individual faces?
  • It's time for a FACE OFF!
  • I dunno.. really great idea, really poor results...
  • SpishCo: Choose Draw a Face and along the side is an option called Display that lets you type in a number to see that face. Clunky interface to be sure.
  • Thanks, xerxexrex.