April 14, 2006

Happy Poop for Peace Day!

Previously mentioned, but in today's troubled world we need poop now more than ever.

  • Somebody tell me...Am I just getting old and crabby? Or was that site geared towards someone about 12 years old? If the truth is that it is just me getting old and crabby, I'll promise to stop clicking on these links! If the truth is that the site was geared towards 12 year olds, LordSludge (somehow fitting) has to promise to stop posting the links to begin with. In the meantime, while you decide, I'm going to take a "Piss for Promiscuity".
  • HuronBob, I am sorry to say that you are getting old and crabby. thepoopreport is a fav of mine. poop is important! It makes the world go 'round and can bring world peace, if we just let it. (I know MCT is gonna back me up here, right my righteous poopbrother?) The only known cure for oldncrabbyitis is to embrace your inner 12 year old, as gross a concept as that may be... I will make a point of Pissing for Promiscuity too!
  • "Somebody tell me...Am I just getting old and crabby?" Yes!
  • Medusa the idea of you 'pooping' ruins it for me. Be that crass again and the whole thing is off. Pissing for Promiscuity, however, is more than ok. As for 12 year olds, the last time I did one I had to kill the little fucker, he threatend to grass me up to the pigs unless I laid some hard cash on him. Kids these days don't know that they are born eh?
  • randomaction, I hope you haven't been putting me on some idealized pedestal, imagining that I do not share all of the normal human bodily functions... I poop, I take great joy in pooping...but don't worry cause it smells like beautiful flowers. Beautiful. Brown. Flowers.
  • Well, shit.
  • "ooh look, I've made a little brown fish!"
  • A blind mullet.
  • RateMyPoo is not in my del.icio.us bookmarks. Other monkeys may be less discerning.
  • Beautiful. Brown. Flowers. *poops a daisy*
  • hang on, if I pooped a giant corpse flower, will it smell like lavender?
  • Speaking of pooping, I am now experiencing peristalsis. THis means a visit to the procelane temple.
  • We haven't hit rock bottom yet, but you can see it from here. and no "bottom" puns.
  • 6/10
  • Could this thread be at the end?
  • No, we're having a prolapse relapse.
  • that joke fell a little flatulent.
  • you know Monkeybashi's going to get back and beat us all for this, right?
  • who's beating your back?
  • we're monkeys. we fling poo. this our fearless leader knows!
  • Posts like this bring out my inner Sam the Eagle.
  • My 14 year-old son loved it. Thanks, Sludge.
  • A poopular topic is never amiss -- among our great flingers it's first on the list!
  • Truly, this is a place where throwing craps does not disqualify you from the win.