April 14, 2006

The SkinBag ™ Like leather but better; for example the skin jacket.

Or go with the urban styling of the over shoulder skin bag. If you need further encouragement then read these testimonials.

" I definitively adopted my testicle (Sb-pouch). I love its contact, its form, its touched, It is stupid, but its presence reassures me, its odor makes it friendlier and more alive. I love also the glance of the others related on it, and me thus. "
  • I was born in one of those.
  • "SkinBag elegance accompanies your day-to-day outings. It's feminin touch seduces those around you. Your books and documents fit in easily." I dunno I find these products a bit creepy....
  • What, two posts in and nobody's godwinned it? Sheesh. The internets today, I tell ya...
  • I call for eeking teh tasteless.
  • Alert: ego on the loose.
  • I searched and searched to prove this was a hoax... alas I could find not a shred of confirmation of such. When you take a hot model and put a new design on him/her, the hotness of the model should make the new design look good, no matter how crappy it is. In this case, it worked the other way around. I do wish we could chat longer, but... I'm having an old friend for dinner.
  • It puts the lotion in the basket and does whatever it's told.
  • And remember, SkinBag(tm) is a great way to carry your hufu!
  • hufu? The alternatives page came up with this: Miva Merchant has encountered a fatal error and is unable to continue. Fatal error!! Who ate the webpage?
  • ew.
  • I am by no means "goth" but I was just thinking that I wanted a pair of motorcycle gloves that look like they were made out of human skin, similar to this:
  • Why not just make it out of real skin? Is there a law against somebody getting someone's skin willed to them, tanning it, and making a lovely jacket? Almost certainly yes.
  • With recent developments in science I believe that we will all be able to enjoy furniture upholstered in our own skin, nipples included, perhaps the occasional ear for good measure. I also very much look forward to a living hair carpet, perhaps using a celebrities DNA sequence, or that of a loved one. Although there are some IP issues with the celebrity thing. Fuck flying cars; I want Celine Dion's face for a cycle seat! I want the future!
  • Well, her face is rather like a bicycle seat.
  • I remember an acquaintance who had tattooed his body heavily mentioning that he was planning on having his canvas flayed after death and donated to an anthropological museum or something along those lines. I don't remember the details that well, so I'd have to ask him about it again in about a month when he returns.
  • the first thought that popped into my head re ears on my couch was "hey, I could put earrings on them!"
  • Ooh, vagina houseshoes!
  • What's this "eeking" I've suddenly heard so much about?
  • Go ahead and self-post or double-post and you'll find out.
  • When I worked in an art museum we had an installation of clothing made from simulated human skin and hair (latex and nylon). The coats had little nipples and navels here and there. I thought it was pretty cool, but some people complained. My Aussie friend once sent me a gag gift of a wallet made from a kangaroo scrotum.
  • What, no lampshades??
  • What, no lampshades?? I wasn't going to say it, but yup.