April 12, 2006

10/25/86 A lot has been written about the '86 Fall Classic between the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox. There were heroes and goats. Now relive the bottom of the 10th thanks to Google video and Nintendo RBI Baseball.
  • Sorry, meant bottom of the 10th Game 6.
  • please make it stop. it sucked when it happened, and it sucks to relive it. please please please make it it stop.... *cries*
  • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We win!!!!!!!!! Ahem, seriously... did someone actually *play and record* this in RBI?!? Seems damn near impossible. Are there emulators whose environment you can control to such an extent that this was programmed? Because if not, I'm guessing the people who made this have been trying to get the game to do this since, oh, the night after the game back in '86...
  • I was this close to posting that. Completely awesome.
  • God, I miss my Expos. I need a new team, and the Mets are probably the closest to being Expos -- but then there's this sight of Gary Carter in a Mets uniform, and my heart gets broken all over again. You want to wish them well -- you really do -- and you want them to succeed, but then it all goes back to What Could Have Been. Mind you, Carter was no Dawson. Nor was he La Grande Orange. Or even 1/10th a Spaceman. But still. He IS the only spo in the Hall, so that goes a long way. And then Pedro winning with the Sox. Pedro. Dude. Didn't we love you enough? Didn't we give you everything we had? *sobs*
  • Hellooo..? Es el Queso and I are crying here, and nobody seems to care. *sobs some more, knowing he'll never again get to sprawl out over six seats in the Big Owe, making pyramids of empty cans of Labatt Cinquante while Youpi vanily tries to get the 'crowd' going*
  • *Pats the Capt. and Queso on the back, reminds them it could be worse.... You could be a Rangers fan, like me*
  • Or a mariners fan (yes, the m in mariners will remain undercase until they are over .500)
  • insult to injury- my first baseball game was at Stade Olympique--- i lived in montreal til i was 8. and yes, say that guy's name to my face and learn what a cockpunch really feels like. one does not destroy the hopes and dreams of a 16 year old boy and get away lightly.
  • How dare you guys hijack this thread and make it about the Expos (or the Mariners)!! LET'S! GO! METS!! (Does anyone have any blow? It's not for me, it's for this pitcher I know, and this first baseman, and this rightfielder...)
  • HW, did you ever read "The Bad Guys Won"? I want to know if it's worth picking up.
  • Not being the baseball geek many of you are (lookin' at you, MCT), I never knew that a wild pitch scored the tying run. I mean, if not for Buckner (I mean, had it been a clean hit that won the game), wouldn't THAT guy be the goat? And shouldn't he share some of the responsibility? I'm sure there are series of books written debating this. As to the video, I'm torn between thinking there's a cheat in there somewhere, or that like the old Atari games, you could get to a point after repetitive playing of a Nintendo game that you could absolutely control/predict any situation in the game, if you played enough, which is probably what this guy did. If he didn't cheat. Cool, in an OCD/ubergeek kinda way.
  • Never read it, grover96. Let me know if it's good if you ever do!
  • So, grover, ever read the book?