April 10, 2006

Why is it always the low-level, disgruntled employees that are causing trouble?
  • You got alien tags in your linky code, there, fella.
  • Didja preview? Didja? Chy is right, of course - it doesn't work. Although without reading the article, I think the question, vis-a-vis "low-level, disgruntled employees," answers itself.
  • PS is it the thing about people who stole $293K worth of meat and cheese from one company in a few months? Can't read that anyway unless you're registered, so working BugMeNot info might also be helpful.
  • fixed link. About how star wars missile defense is a fraud. Go figure.
  • $26 Brazilian? That's a lot.
  • Ever since he fucked up MeFi, I hate Login.
  • A true Zen saying.
  • I did preview....man, the machine I'm on seriously sucks. *kicks computer*
  • The project is called THAAD and it started shortly after a project I worked on called ERIS. Internally some of my friends and I called it Thud. Anyone with sense would see that the project wasn't viable. There were too many failures early on, and when an engineering toy fails to converge on proper operation after maybe fifteen years, it is a loser and it doesn't matter how much more money you throw at it, it's not feasible and that's the end of the story. What's irritating about THAAD funding is that it has persisted in spite of the evidence and in the presence of allegedly smart managers of the public trust. It reminds me of the roll-out of a management practice at a place I used to work: "management by fact", which had all the wags saying "no wonder we had to change paradigms, we used to have management by fiction."
  • jet_silver - I feel your pain. I worked for years in commercial enterprises where top management would decree that a(n obviously doomed, to the grunts,) project would cure our ills, only to have it bomb. The only difference I can see is that none of the grunts in my world spoke out in a public forum. Actually, I don't think it was "management by fiction," so much as "management by wishful thinking."
  • Let me guess -- they are crap staff that is whiney and moaney? Fire their collective asses. We hve more illegals where that came from.
  • You know what would be fucking depressing? If all that was learned from this time in American history is that if you're going to lie, murder, and steal you should do it so frequently and with such audaciously that no one will ever believe/want to believe that such a bold transgression could ever occur. I'm not sure the lesson hasn't been learned already.
  • When will folk finally become gruntled?