April 10, 2006

Mangold Hurling - Thank you for your interest in ballistic root vegetables. Mangold Hurling is the sport of lobbing the mangold-wurzel. It requires skill, strength, alcoholism & cunning. Via Lactating Bivalves

Ok, WTF is a mangold worzel? Also called the Magelwurzel, think of it as the giant, ugly, bad tasting & indigestible member of the Beetroot family. It is the Neil Bush of the beets. Has it got anything to do with Worzel Gummidge? Yes. His head was made out of one. What about The Wurzels? Yes, obviously. Now stop asking stupid questions.

  • agh! typo alert. Should read: "Also called the Mangelwurzel"
  • This is a truly fine website. And to think I did not know until this day what a mangold was. Thank you, Chyren, thank you.
  • But you know what mangoo is, though, don't you, hmm?
  • Mangelwurzel butty anyone?
  • Hurl your mangold with a Mangonel.
  • Werner Herzog was once a wurzel hurler.
  • Werner Herzog was a wurzel hurler in the Wurzburg herding circle, I heard.
  • He's working on a PC game based on his skills. But they needed star recognition, so he hired Jaleel White, & he also got sponsorship from a big rental car company. They're gonna call it Hertz & Werner Herzog verses Virtual Urkel Wurzel Hurler.
  • Top that, bitches.
  • The background music will be played on a Wurlitzer.
  • the author of prozac nation will publish an account of the project.
  • Hertz & Wurtzel's Werner Herzog verses Virtual Urkel the Wurzel Hurler in a Wurzburg weasel herder circle.
  • I forgot the Wurlitzer. Bugger.
  • I find it sick that chopping off the root is known as "preparing the Norman." *hurls a can of beets at Chy*
  • Each year when Autumn comes to pass And tawny owls do hoot We take ourselves out to the grass To hurl our sacred root Och, ach, eye, aye and ohone! Some things 'tis beeter we forget -- we see the lads know well how to make merry in old Somerset!