April 06, 2006

Curious George: Dallas Monkeys? Two weeks from tonight (Thu April 20), me and Ufez are going to take a crack at drying up Deep Ellum. Anybody want to help out?
  • *feels Fes' forehead* Maybe you should lie down for a little while. I'll get a washcloth.
  • Allow me to translate for those of you who were not sampling homebrew last night during posting hours: I'm going to Dallas on business in two weeks; Ufez Jones, esteemed mefite/mofite/mechite, Dallas resident and my good friend, and his lovely girlfriend are meeting me next Thursday evening for a convivial drink. That being the case, I thought I would ask if (a) anyone here hails from the Dallas metroplex or surrounding region, and (b) if so, would you care to join us for an alcoholic beverage or two? thanks to koko for pointing out the rather cryptic character of my earlier message
  • Ooohhhhh! He means a meet-up! Hey Fes, I hope you get tons of monkeys but - and I'm not trying to scare you or anything - y'know just . . . just be careful because . . Dallas? . . it's in Texas!!
  • I knew what you meant, Fes! If I were going to be visiting my folks then I would totally meet up with you. However, I'm stuck in the wilds of Ohio.
  • Well, maybe you should visit your folks! You never call, you never write... Don't worry, pete, I can handle Texas. They don't see me as a threat, so I don't trigger the don't-mess-with-Texas immuno-response.
  • Fes: If only! I hope to have a job interview there soon, so keep your fingers crossed, but as of right now I'm planning to be in D.C. at a conference that week. (I was planning on doing a CG myself to see if anyone wanted to play!)