April 02, 2006

Schnauzbart/Vollbart, it's all art. The disciplined Schnauzbart Kaiserlich. The perky Schnauzbart Dali. The funky Vollbart Naturale. Wild and crazy Kinn- und Backenbart Freestyle! But it's the Vollbart Freestyle that really attracts the nuts!
  • Gotta get me a barrel of Fine Mustache Wax
  • Yea, man's natural estate is the unchamped Vollbart, but the addeda the damn thing eventually accumulates coupled with the importunities of my hypercritical near and dear mean I periodically remove that which, I remain inwardly convinced, would be a prize-winning specimen if not for ruthless and erratic prunings.
  • This thread links to glories glimpsed in earlier days.
  • I recently grew a very large moustache a la Deadwood, and even went so far as to find a good recipe for stache wax. However, in a fit of pique, I shaved the thing off. I find them itchy.
  • any photos of said itchy moustache?
  • Some splendid cookie dusters! And schnauzbart is a great word.
  • English has schnoz. [Which seems to have crept into English via Yiddish.] schnoz = one's honkus [a term acquired from Bloom County], proboscis, snoot, or, far more tamely, nose.