March 20, 2006

The Laurence Hutton Princeton University Collection of Death Masks And even more over here.
  • Ooooh, I loves me some death masks! The painted ones of Noel Coward and James Dean are kind of creepy, but I always wondered what Torquato Tasso looked like. Vita de la mia vita, tu mi somigli pallidetta oliva o rosa scolorita; né di beltà sei priva, ma in ogni aspetto tu mi sei gradita, o lusinghiera o schiva; e se mi fuggi o fuggi soavemente mi consumi e struggi.
  • Do you think they lend them out? You could have a great costume party with those masks. I'm coming as William Makepeace Thackeray, what a freak! Put a couple bolts in his neck and it's halloween!
  • I'm a descendant of Thackeray and take umbrage at your comments.
  • Ah, go polish your bolts!
  • Encouraging to see that at least a few managed to die with a hint of a smile on their faces.
  • That's just what happens when you put bees in dead peoples mouths.
  • Don't do this! Ignore that Chimp!
  • Oooooh snap!
  • Urk! Caught by the beemaster, hisself! I meant the letter "b" as in be, cuz.
  • return thee to the tofu hut!