March 12, 2006

The earth is not moving. A happy combination of stopping time and random Chick tracts.
  • Gotta love the reviews: ""I just finished reading your book The Earth Is Not Moving. It's a real eye-opener. I never believed in evolution. Now, I don't believe the earth moves." Donald Self, Norfolk, VA"
  • Cover design by Tom Yorke He really went downhill after Radiohead split up
  • This is great! I can't wait for them to undiscover the New World!
  • Thank you, grover, for helping me find The truth about "hate crime" laws.
  • *beats head repeatedly against wall*
  • If the earth is not moving, why do I feel so dizzy? It couldn't be the result of this 'eye-opener', could it? or perhaps the consequences of beating my head repeatedly against The Underpants Monster???
  • This is a joke, right? Those reader testimonies can NOT be real... I mean, besides the quote Lara noted, there's this: "I finished reading your book last Sunday. I tremendously enjoyed it. The style was very enjoyable....I believe any lay person...with an open mind could understand it." J. Henry, Ph.D., Physicist, Tenn.Temple U. you'll note the wonderful use of ellipses...
  • "" Translation: "I think people should ignore trash like this nonsense you're pulled out of your ass and put into book form."
  • The ultimate Polish joke on the world is one word: COPERNICANISM ! Wake up people!
  • scartol, from your link,
    "Yet, here is a third lie--a third domino--abroad that is not as large calibre as Copernicanism and Darwinism, but it is still powerful enough that its exposure will have global impact in and out of churches. [...] This lie concerns the demonstrably false claims that Hitler exterminated Six Million Jews during WWII. Even Jewish writers have scaled down this number greatly, and ace Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal himself has admitted that there were no gas chambers."
    And their credibility just shot through the roof. I'm certainly going to start taking my history lessons of WWII from people who think the earth isn't moving.
  • Oh, it's, um, flat too
  • Not only is it not true, its demonstrably not true! I can prove that something didn't happen in spite of all this evidence that it did. Wheres the proof you say? Well, right here, trust me. I can do it! See! I just did. Everyone with an open mind will have to accept that I demonstrated that it did not happen. Clinton did not have sex with that woman.
  • The earth isn't flat, Bobsled. It's hollow and full of Nazis.. Jeez, I thought everyone knew that!
  • Of course, Weez, that's where the UFO's are.
  • Imagine my surprise to find that this book was published in the deep South.
  • On second thought, in light of the global nature of this web log and in that some of its contributors (including its admin) live "down under" as they say, I would like to apologize for and retract the comment about the "deep South", above. As I had hoped was apparent, I was referring not to the many fine people of the planet's southern hemisphere, but instead to the imbecillic morons of the extreme southern United States who tend to peddle such laughably worthless crap as is the book at which the comments within this thread are aimed. Upon review, it seemed to me (and perhaps I was wrong, and if so, I again apologize) that this was not the case and hence this retraction. You may now return to whatever it is that you do.
  • Is my face red. After yet another tardy moment of reflection, it seems I have inadvertently slandered an entire class of people based soley on the geographic location of their chief place of residence. I did not intend to imply in any way that all who live in the extreme southern reaches of the United States are "imbecillic morons." Of course a broad generalization such as that would be both unwise and unfair. My aim instead was to take a well-deserved swipe at only those of the fundementalist persuasion who seem to take great delight in embracing their own inbred retardation and leveraging it into bizarre, ignorant tomes such as the one currently under review in this thread. My deepest apologies.
  • My aim instead was to take a well-deserved swipe at only those of the fundementalist persuasion who seem to take great delight in embracing their own inbred retardation... ...and live pretty much everywhere. The retraction is very much appreciated.
  • Well, I seem to have gone and done it again. I would like to take hold of this moment and belatedly apologize to those who may be retarded or inbred. I say emphatically: there is nothing wrong with that. Those who are mentally challenged can and often do make valuable contrutions to our society. And if you want to have sexual relations with your cousin, while that is a choice that I would not personally make, I have no qualms about your going right ahead with the debauchery. Have at it, it is certainly none of my business (nor anyone else's, I might add) what you may do in your moments of recreation. I am saddened that, for one weak moment above, I was so crass as to decry those who choose a different sexual path than I the freedom do the deed that dare not speak its name. I believe I am through now, and humbly ask for your forgiveness in my disturbance of this otherwise coherent discussion thread.
  • The best is the 404 link when you click on "Contemporary Geocentrists"
  • Ralph: To which "fundamentalists" are you referring? Is it the Christians, The Jews, the Muslims, The Hindus, the Buddhists, or the Atheists? Actually, it doesn't matter. Inbred retardation seems to be a trait shared by all of them.
  • All right. Well. It does appear that I have again reason to offer an apology, this time for being ambiguous when referring in the comments above to fundamentalists. Mr. 88 is correct, I should indeed have specified that Christian fundamentailists were the zealots I was singling out, certainly not Atheist fundamentalists which, come to think of it, I have never even heard of before. What does one do as an Atheist fundamentalist that differs from the actions of a reformed Atheist? Burn churches? No, that's what you do if you are a teenager in Alabama. Not that there's anything wrong with being from the South. Some of my best friends... Well, you get the idea. So again -- this just doesn't seem to be my day, does it? -- I apologize for my errant ways and hope that my vagueness didn't spoil your whole lunch.
  • How dare you refer to my lunch. I am deeply, deeply offended.
  • I hate everyone now. Especially you.
  • Now, I'm just going to come right out and say it: this comment is off topic. And I am sorry for that. But I was reflecting on my four apologies (five if you count conditional apologies) above, and the nature of and bitter pain that come from true remorse, and I stopped, held my head in my hands, and wept. So many times we have cause to apologize for our actions in life, so few times we actually do.And then, of course, I started to think about Nancy McNeal. I am so saddened to ponder this doppleganger of guilt, but I think it is entirely possible that I broke the young, tender heart of Nancy McNeal back in about, oh, 1975 I think it would have been, give or take a year. Nancy, I'm sorry. I really, truly am. It wasn't you, it was me. I was young, I didn't know any better. Damn me to hell.
  • Oh, and sorry abouth the lunch thing. Entirely my fault.
  • RalphTheDog: sit down before you hurt yourself.
  • I think you should apologize for taking up so much space in this thread. And make it detailed.
  • Oh, don't worry about Nancy McNeal, Ralph. I knew her, she was a slut.
  • She was totally gonna dump you anyway.