February 24, 2006

WOXY, the greatest radio station in the world, needs your support! Once a terrestrial radio station, WOXY has gone internet-only. They are completely independently owned and operated, play no commercials, have live djs Monday- Friday from the morning through the evening (US East Coast Time) and they are now asking for listener support.

In the era of xm and Sirius one might wonder why you would pay for an internet-only radio station. The answer is that they aren't corporate and they play more and better new music than any other station. Give them a listen and consider donating or subscribing if you like musical choice and non-corporate music. (Paying members get much better quality streams)

  • On first listen, doesn't sound bad. I'll keep listening today and see how it goes. I listen to Virgin Radio online every day at work, and if this is good enough to replace/suppliment that, I'll certainly donate.
  • Sorry, jccalhoun, I seem to have killed your thread with my unintentionally snobby comment :o( I am enjoying the station, though - thanks for the recommendation!
  • WOXY is very very good, although I haven't had much time to listen to internet radio in a while. It will be sad if they have to close up shop.
  • This is pretty cool, I might subscribe..