February 19, 2006

Old pottery recorded sounds (2 minute, >5MB, mp4 video, in French, from the Lire la vidéo link here). Apparently scientists have decoded the grooves on ancient pottery, which acted as crude sound recording, to get a short snippet of the voices and laughter of the potters. Video includes short sample of the sound. Too cool! [via]
  • April Fool's
  • Poisson d'avril!
  • The fish of April. Ok, so this means...
  • It's April Fool's in French. (Actually, if I recall correctly, the one fooled is the fish. 10 years of French, and that's pretty much all I got out of it. And an undying love for Luc et Martine (Et Fido!), of course.
  • OK, so the British whack each other with fish, and the french invoke their name in foolery.
  • Le poisson d'avril est une plaisanterie, voire un canular, que l'on fait le 1er avril de chaque année. Il consiste à accrocher un poisson de papier dans le dos de personnes dont on veut se gausser. Poisson d'avril ! est aussi l'exclamation que l'on pousse une fois qu'une des plaisanteries est découverte.
  • Poison of April? Ha ha. Ok. I admit it. I got rooked by the French. But I think the joke is on them, it's not even April!
  • No, no! It translates as "the passion of avril (lavigne)". Everybody knows how comedic her desire for me is - as if I would ever leave Katie Holmes, even despite her sham wedding with that gay guy, you know, L Ron or whoever.
  • Wait - what?
  • Fishy-fishy-fishy-fish! And it went - wherever I - did - go...
  • ...the passion of avril (lavigne)... I'd like to see Mel Gibson direct that. Wait. No, I wouldn't.
  • I've just checked Loto's url again and it's been edited: it doesn't mention April fool's anymore but promises a DVD and new features on the website.