February 17, 2006

The Economics Of Prostitution, on forbes.com. Reference is also made in that article to an earlier article from the Journal of Political Economy titled "A Theory of Prostitution." (.pdf link) [via hajen]
  • All I know is that the Ileal pouch reconstruction almost cost more than I made. If it had cost more, well man, that would have been a bummer.
  • It all makes horrible horrible sense
  • The "foregone opportunity for prostitution" is definitely why I've stayed single. Keeping all options open. Seriously, I think that you can't predict human behavior on a strictly economic model. And their model is far too simplistic. It doesn't account for divorce, for one. And it doesn't consider the possibility that a prostitute may later marry, and a former wife may become a prostitute. And, well, a lot of subtle nuances of human relationships. Still an interesting read, though.
  • well I havent read the articles, but Lara, you are correct to say a purely economic model re prostitution is oversimplified. I have known many sex-workers and been one myself. A MAJOR attration of that career (for self-determining women, not those 'trapped' by pimps, addiction or dire poverty) is freedom. sex-work is a way that some women work their way thru school, or have the time to be artists or musicians, develop another career etc., so, yes, complicated, and as subtle and nuanced as all our fascinating human relationships, to paraphrase Ms. L ;)
  • attention hot single ladies: want to maximize utility and commodity output with lower aggregate opportunity costs? please email me. i would like to form a limited liability partnership with little overhead but high stability with very low risk. small/nonexistant barriers to entry a huge plus. gold digging supply-siders need not apply.
  • hey wedge, did fly write yr ad copy there?
  • All I know is, in today's economy I can't afford a prostitute.
  • Actually, in today's economy, you can't afford NOT a prostitute.
  • In communist Russia, the prostitute can't afford YOU!
  • In today's economy, you can't afford NOT to prostitute...
  • The paper was remarkable not only for being accepted by a major journal but also because it considered wives and whores as economic "goods" that can be substituted for each other. Women as property? How is that remarkable?
  • I tell you, I definitely control the means of production. I shake my moneymaker defiantly in your general Capitalist direction!