February 05, 2006

Liza Lou! Jaw-dropping dedication and the best art dog ever ever ever!

I searched like crazy to see if this is a double. Hope not.

  • ))) Wow, this is beautiful. I really want to see her exhibition in London now.
  • I saw it live on, believe it or not, on that cheesy Guiness Book of Records tv show. Absolutely mind-boggling, seeing her walking in those life-size rooms, picking up a beaded plate (everything is beaded on all surfaces, ie;, the back or undersides of moveable things) and sitting at the picnic table among her beaded everything.
  • O wotta good dog!
  • That's a fuckton of beads. I think my nieces would explode if they saw that.
  • I have no idea what I'm looking at.
  • I dunno what it is about this, but I hate it. I mean, I hate it so much I want to smash it.
  • When I first saw "Liza Lou," my first thought was, "is this another Daisy May?"
  • *hands Chyren a mallet and goggles, rolls up her sleeves and prepares to help*
  • Now that's dedication to one's art. Put down those mallets, you two hooligans!
  • I say we trade them for a metric fuckton of whiskey.
  • Yeah, but then once we're drunk, we'll wish we had beads.
  • Or we could all just do fuckton of meth and bead Chyren's entire house in a jiffy! Shiny, shiny house...Chyren like...
  • Death to tacky beady art! *selects sledgehammer*