February 05, 2006

World Peace! Unitarian Jihad - Gift of Song Practice Video 1) Click on the picture 2) Click on "collaboration" 3) Click uj_world_peace.mov You need quicktime. WARNING! EXTREME NUDITY! (it's not what you think...maybe it is...)

As a monkey, I like the silliest of things. This is one of them. It doesn't really get going until about a third the way in. And it only really takes off about halfway through. So be patient. These monkeys are good for you. Good luck. Eee eee.

  • Just another video of peace-loving, bunny-hating naked, dancing, singing hippies? So...pedestrian.
  • I cant even begin to comprehend what that was.... I think I need counseling...
  • I think THEY need counseling. Sorry. I love silly. I hate stupid. This falls clearly into category 2 for me.
  • That was the collest thing ever put on the internet. I'm in love with both of them.
  • I CAN SEE YOU! Drinkin' da beers!
  • What's with all the "click this, click that" directions?
  • Uh... Uh... Uh... ?
  • "I CAN SEE YOU! Drinkin' da beers!" Is it Knickerbocker Beer?
  • After 7 frames, I'd seen enough. Overweight hippies is one thing, overweight naked hippies is entirely something else.
  • Overweight hippies is one thing, overweight naked hippies is entirely something else. It actually took me a little bit to know for sure if their dissonant harmonies were intentional or not.
  • They remind me of ding dang boom bangs, except I think ding dang boom bangs is real, and the Unitarian Jihad is a funny joke.Link has no overt nudity, but is more risque than I would want on my moniter at work or some public place.
  • Mr. Knickerbocker, I like the cut of your jib. Ding dang boom bangs indeed.
  • OK, the Ding Dang thang was kinda funny, and made much more palatable by the hot chick. I kept waiting for a punch line with the Universalists. Nope, they just keep doing that weird dance and song. I'm with the dissenters, I'm afraid.
  • Please, no more self-links!
  • techsmith - that wan't a self-link. Just something I found on the net.
  • Monkeyfilter:Overweight naked hippies is entirely something else
  • That was a joke. You know, implying that you were one of those on film ;)
  • techsmith Ah. Little sensitive as one of my posts was deemed a self-post. Good to see your humorous intentions. Huzzah!
  • if i had posted this it would have been a self link of sorts. I have no idea how you found it monkeylion, I thought all copies had been destroyed. And now I must destroy you. FYI I'm posting from your basement. Didn't know you had a basement did you?
  • The no self-linking rule keeps techsmith from posting this
  • THANKS! Finally! I leave it to you's to figure out which one I am!