February 04, 2006

What would you do with 100 dildos? Read the comic, then go to the main page.

So what'd you vote?

  • well the "non-sexual" clause pretty much hosed what I had planned. So . . . . I guess I'd write "fuck the war" on them and hand them out. Y'know, start a buzz. Hah?! Hey heyyyyy!
  • I would set up a 24 hour battery and earplug store in the neighbourhood!
  • Anyone from New England? Candlepin bowling. Ten lanes.
  • Take them to the airport, and when people aren't looking, them on and stick them in someone's luggage. "Nine times out of ten it's an electric razor, but... every once in a while... it's a dildo. Of course, it's company policy never to imply ownership in the event of a dildo. We have to use the indefinite article 'a' dildo, never... 'your' dildo."
  • Vibrating candlepin bowling pins? Brilliant!
  • Send them on a WeaselDildoTrek
  • toys for twats
  • Hi-oooooooooo!!
  • Hell, what wouldn't I do with 100 dildos...errr did I say that out loud?
  • Some boys will And dome boys won;t Some dil-do And some dil-don't. Er, I guess I'd use 'em to make popsicles.
  • I'd send them all to Ivan Brunetti to inspire that lazy fucker to draw more of his sick one-panel comics that I love so dearly.
  • Engrave them, and then use them as business cards.
  • Rent gallery space, glue 99 of them to the floor so they're standing, insert miniature RC car into the innards of remaining one, have gallery attendees race 'dildo-car' between the vibrator landscape, call installation 'Orgone post-humanistic bliss', profit!
  • I'd eat 100 bananas, then sell dildo and banana skin kits to the unsuspecting public. They'd open them, set them down on the floor and then, at some point, be walking along, slip, and have a dildo accidentally insert itself in their rectum
  • They look like bullets in that last picture. Maybe he could build a Giant Dildo Gun and...oh. non-destructive, too? Well, if you just pointed it at a target...I advise against taking it to the local range though. polychrome, i've been reading that thread for days. it's the funniest thing ever.
  • isn't it though? the things people, I mean, my god, they found a pencil where?, I'd never even considered the possibility of some of that stuff.
  • Just think of all the people you could feed.
  • Ummm, with dildos? Are we eating dildos now? Dildoavore. I like it.
  • I know it's hard for you to put dildos on your family...
  • 1. Corner market 2. Sell two for one 3.*Profit* I've always wanted to try that meme.
  • Are we eating dildos now? Surely, you know what dill bread is made from.
  • Dominoes.
  • Didn't make this up, just ran across it (somehow) redneck electric toothbrush