February 04, 2006

I'M SICK OF BEING A HUNGRY VEGAN! embedded video via everlasting blort


  • So.. ah.. well what's your point KoKo? Also 3! and 4! But what is your point?
  • No point. Just a funny video.
  • As a monkey which that practices a vegan diet, me say ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Me so hungry. Ee eee.
  • Where is the side of Yam Fries?
  • 20! Actually some of the other vids are amusing too.
  • I was never hungry as a vegan, but desired pizza with actual chesse on so much I had to stop. Though still a vegi, I nevertheless feel sorry for the poor cows in the dairy product industry.
  • Can you buy milk from a farm which treats its cows humanely? There is no reason milk has to be cruel.
  • I am a vegatarian, and Random, I have some bad news for you. Cheese is NOT Vegitarian. TOFU TOWER! :)
  • There are brands of cheese that don't use animal-based rennets; you've just got to do some research. It's amazing how many companies have no idea which kind of rennets they're using, though. And lowfat milk, even from an organic dairy, will often contain Vitamin A Palmitate as a preservative. And again, most companies don't keep track of whether their palmitate is made from fish or not.
  • Well? Link us up TUM!
  • Cabot, McAdam, Empire, and Sorrento are usually OK, except for the hard cheeses like parmesan or asiago. My town's kind of granola, so all the pizza places around here are used to kooks asking them what berand of cheese they use!
  • This seems as good a place as any to ask, would anyone know of a couple decent books/websites with advice to start myself on the vegetarian path?
  • You might have more luck making a curious george post, ladyknight. But here's a Google search to get you started.
  • Lady, I have the site for you.
  • I was going to post a selection of 101 cookbooks as a vegetarian resource, but I got hooked on reading the front page article on olive oil and decided to post the whole thing instead.
  • > There are brands of cheese that don't use animal-based rennets; you've just got to do some research. there's a table of microbial rennet cheeses (mostly irish) here
  • Thanks, roryk! I used to love trying the imported cheeses at the grocery - now I can look for these brands!
  • much obliged roryk - so does that mean that the Neufchatel (sp?) cheese has rennet - it says Original Philly cheese only . . .
  • another list from trader joe's, which i understand is a popular grocery store in americay.
  • Rennet or no, I believe the Philly Lite has Vitamin A Palmitate.
  • Thanks roryk! Yum- smoked gouda's one of my favourites.
  • Pitee rennet's e'en in cheddar sherpe.