February 04, 2006

The History of Modern Music As The Tube Map. The interconnections of the music of the past 100 years, transposed perfectly onto the London Underground. As the piece by the creator says, "it's a shame, for example, that the Circle Line constantly runs in tandem with either the District or Metropolitan lines, thus leaving no room for pure pop acts such as Kylie Minogue and the Pet Shop Boys..."
  • You beat me to the punch by barely a minute, Danger... I was writing a post and checked the front page one more time before I previewed and lo! I got scooped. Very interesting PDF, that is.
  • fight! fight! fight! ;)
  • Wonderful. My journey to work will be improved immensely, now that I know I get on the tube at Booker T & The MGs, then change at Funkadelic for The Velvet Underground.
  • flashboy, that is indeed a hot commute lineup!
  • Is there a picture of the map? I'm drunk...
  • How about a picture of Kate Bush instead? She's quite nippy in this one. mmmmm Kate Bush
  • mmmmmmmmmmm enthusiastically seconded
  • Oh, wuthering heights... *sigh*
  • It's bigger, but something essential is missing.
  • I believe the the second pic nips it in the bud.
  • Wot, no Marc Bolan? No Sex Pistols? 2 of London's finest pop acts of all time overlooked. I is shattered, I tell ya. Crushed, even.
  • BTW - funny thread title!
  • asking classical music critic Tom Service for invaluable help Tom Servo is a classical music critic? *sigh* I'm reliving all my fond memories of the London Undergroud. I have a pair of socks with the map printed on them. Yes, they're tube socks.