January 31, 2006

On NSA Spying: A Letter to Congress Fifteen constitutional scholars and former government officials express their concerns regarding the administration's warrantless electronic surveillance program. Be warned, this is a long article. (Short version: they're against it.)
  • they should probably read Gore Vidal's latest piece about how nobody in the US cares.
  • 9-11!!!
  • Oh shit maybe they're looking now. I'm certainly not dealing drugs on AIM while bittorrenting pirated software!
  • In the future, we will all be criminals for 15 minutes. Oh, wait, we already are.
  • You know what, I suddenly understand languagehat's anger with us for doing the cute little comments when we're too preoccupied to pay attention to important stuff. You folks should read the FPP link, really! And, I know that most of you are smart enough to get it, and interested in the implications (maybe with the exception of Actually Settle.) To stress it again, it's a bunch of excellently qualified people who have banded together to protest the assumption of powers by Bush's administration to ignore all the laws that have applied in the past with the excuse that Bush is godlike in ignoring them because he says he is. You all will get all up in arms about a stupid girl who appeared on American Idol, but you think this is worth no comment that isn't offhand? This isn't the MoFi I know.
  • See also.
  • Oh, sorry! I missed that because of computer problems, but I should hae know that the you folks had it under control. Mea culpa.