January 31, 2006

Get a monkey a day from the Daily Monkey! -- Via

Today's Daily Monkey is all about Gorilla Suit Day! (I hope this has not been posted here before. I did a search here and on Google.)

  • I want a daily Monkey-is there anyway I can get this sent tos me via sum'kinda hi tech dee-vice?
  • Bluehorse, for $99.99 a day, I can arrange to print the Daily Monkey and have an actual monkey deliver it to you...
  • For 199.99 a day, *I'll* wear an attractive gorilla suit.
  • I AM a daily dose of monkey. Just ask my co-workers.
  • For a meager monthly 19.99, you can have access to my live, almost-24/7 webcam, where you can have as much (not very) hairy ape as you want! I don't own a gorilla suit, though; a pajama will do?
  • Special TODAY: For only $9.99 you can think about me wearing a monkey suit ANY TIME YOU WANT!! I will use these subscriptions only for good. Lara, if I can get me ten daily suckers subscribers, we gotta deal!
  • *envisons BlueHorse clad in wet, soapy gorilla suit*. *his illusions assplode*
  • Mhh, I imagined BlueHorse but with no suit... at all. Do I have to pay more?
  • Where's my $9.99, Bees? Just 'cause you and me got a thing goin' on doesn't mean I'll let you off the hook on this one. This is Monkey Business. Flag, actually no, it's much cheaper. Do you have any idea of the overhead involved in gorilla suit purchase and upkeep?