January 31, 2006

Control your banana habit with Virtual Hypnotist. Free and open source! Via FmH

Here's a quick Flash animation to get you started. Relax. You are getting sleepy. sleepier. sleepier. Or you could listen to this, but he does babble on!

  • Bawk bawk!
  • Hmmm ... VH download link here, on the left.
  • No, Pete, put your pants ON!
  • Okay, so i'm in a deep sleep. Now what?
  • I love how half the mp3s are basically hypnotic triggers to induce horniness and/or orgasm.
  • Right. I'm off to kill the president now. Not sure why...
  • *lights cigarette*
  • **takes of clothes, dances around in Monkey suit**
  • So Gram'ma, you can't be hypnotised then?
  • I'm not sure. Did I dance around in my birthday Monkey suit before this pose?
  • post dammit post!
  • Well, yes, you did. It frightened some of the younger monkeys. I quite liked it though...
  • **decides not to drink anymore before posing**
  • posing? You minx!
  • She's gonna do her stripping sober now??
  • Oh, sure. The stripping I can do drunk. It's the varnishing I have to be careful with.
  • ba-dum! *shwish!* Pretty good Mae West accent there, GramMa
  • If I asked for a cup of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning. Mae West **pouts out lower lip**