January 31, 2006

Part two of the idiotic videos feature on monkeyfilter - 8bithuffers-ns.avi. The best combination of amatuerism, inventiveness, being in the midwest, and having a true comic gift. And Ray Parker (composer of the theme from Ghostbusters).
  • Couldn't get the damn thing to play after all the time waiting for it to load.
  • That was horribly pointless. Here's some more pointless vids: Ask a ninja a question.
  • Just because your internet skills are so obviously lacking, you have taken to bannination? Is that the test now? If someone says something that you don't understand that you just eek their thread? Well, to that I can only say: Parakeetic repurcussions of anabnormalic entropoliptisms reverberate without analinguistic sentimentalities.
  • Oh. Thought I was on the eeked page. Never mind.
  • What? What?
  • Someone post a quick summary so we know what this is!
  • *eeks bernockle*
  • he's luckily restored by owls who like the titilating things he does with consonants and vowels
  • Confuzzlement, glue sniffing, and the best soundtrack ever. Sweet sweet 8-bit.
  • bernockle, if tracicle eeks this thread, it's because she can't get the link to work, not because she can't understand it. A broken link is a perfectly legitimate reason to eek a thread. And if this was a joke, my apologies. My sense of humor is still asleep, the lucky bastard.
  • You are forgiven.
  • Are those the same guys that made that 'Sock Baby Jesus' short? Now, that was, if not funny, at least interestingly bizarre. This is... just... bleh. And my spine tingled when the ditty from 'Skate or Die' started playing... oh wasted youth of mine.