January 30, 2006

University cashier makes inappropriate remarks. The story itself is only mildly amusing, but what leaves me dumbstruck is that the school literally has an Ivory Tower.

Which is either brilliant or pathetic -- I can't decide. [via obscurestore]

  • That is a red brick building. I expected shimmery alabaster.
  • Ivory also comes in red brick colour. It's a new kind of ivory, just came out. And lookit the picture -- it has alabaster bits!
  • So they arrested him for being rude to customers and drunk on the job? That's half the cashiers in my town. What's that number for the retail police again?
  • mildly amusing? hell, the opening line alone had me in stitches:
    function jump(x) { if (x == 'next') { if (currentpage == paragraph.length) { currentpage = 1; } else { currentpage = currentpage*1+1; }
  • I have alabaster bits, too.
  • hmm...seems somebody put the ivory tower in a foggy bottom...
  • How many elephants had to die to make that fucking tower?
  • Not enough. Damn elephants.