January 30, 2006

Flying dawgs. Not to be confused with this. Airborne cats. A radio controlled flying cat! Nasty Google cat video deliberately not linked.
  • I love all o Pleix's stuff... still this one really weirded me out.
  • I want some of whatever that calico's sniffin. I suspect it ain't just catnip.

  • How it was done...
  • Flying dogs is the best thing ever. It's making me giggle like a flying monkey.
  • omg, i actually worked on this video...i had the crappy job of cleaning up the mess left after they chucked them off the top of a five story building... so sad...
  • Arf!
  • Flying horses--now THAT'S the ticket! Capriolle From the Spanish Riding School where Lippizans have always flown high spirited youth ancient Chinese flying horses We oldies remember Mobile's Flying Pegasus --from "Flying Horses" Jeanne Lohmann In my early fantasies I thought if the day comes I dare to climb on the Flying A red horse on the gas station pole at the corner of Fifth and Main, if the day ever comes I take the golden bridle in hand and pass through clouds and stars, the great wings opening and closing as we flap through the universe toward the Chimera that waits in the night to vomit the lead from its jaws, would I be bold to risk such transformation, seize the bright mane though it burn my fingers, though heaven's air is thin and hard to breathe, though planets spin and die around us?
  • Dang it! let me try that Spanish Riding School linky again. From the Spanish Riding School where Lippizans have always flown
  • Is there any reason why I shouldn't have that radio controlled cat?
  • Other usful horses in classical dressage are the Iberian horses -- Andalusian in the eastern Iberian peninsula/Spain and Lusitano in the west/Portugal. Lusitanos are are especially noted for their laid-back dispositions.
  • *waves hand wildly* Get me one while you're at it, Lara!
  • Pleeeeeeease?
  • Flying Bull! Saw a clip of that on TV, and the poor animal really did take quite a leap. And he was called 'Little Bird'... ah.
  • Pity there weren't any serious injuries. Except for Pajarito's, that is.
  • seriously....you should have seen the size of the spatula they gave me...