January 30, 2006

The British Amusement Park (with daily Alligator feeding and other Great British fun)

From a big site of long dead American amusement parks

  • I love that site. Interesting story.
  • The next owners should definitely go fo a scary-theme....
  • They got one thing right: the British guys are having anal sex.
  • Well, TV finishes at 8.30pm, what else are we supposed to do?
  • They had a 'Trabant' ride? Didn't know they had those in Britain. Thought it was purely an East German thing. *ponders possibility of East German theme park* *decides against it*
  • Imagine the queues!
  • The queues *are* the rides.
  • Looks like the 'Trabant' originated in the USA. I've seen them at several Canadian fairgrounds.
  • Nothing sadder than an abandoned amusement park. *Sigh*
  • Finally got to investigate this -- fascinating link. Places look desolate, but they always do to me, even when they are full of extroverts, somehow such places impress me as essentiually sad. There is something in me that thinks amusement surfaces from within, not from outside, I guess. The only such place I ever really found enthralling was the old Fun House in San Francisco. Here, for a first few minutes as a youngster, I was riveted by young ladies' squeals as their skirts got whooshed above their heads, this was back in a period during the fifties when they wore dirndl skirts with petticoats. Once I understood [slow learner here!] they were really enjoying themselves as they shrieked, my adrenaline levels subsided to normal, and the rest of the visit was astonishingly flat by contrast.