January 30, 2006

TV theme songs! Advertising jingles! Classic TV ads! More TV-related shit!

Take a stroll down memory lane with some long-forgotten favorites, most of which you'll wish remained forgotten! Listen to 40+ versions of the Dallas theme! Hum the theme from The Fall Guy at work tomorrow! Most clips sound like someone held a Radio Shack tape recorder up to the tv speaker. Not that I would know anything about that.

  • Even more TV-related shit!, including tons of TV show theme mp3s (mostly 60's-80's) But wait! There's more! Barry Gray mp3s (themes from Thunderbirds, Firebird XL5, Supercar, etc.) (I happened to be looking for a couple of theme songs over the last week or so, so I had these bookmarked.)
  • Begone! ye tedious maunderings like bad dreams! Remain unheard forever, o vilest of musical memes!
  • Anybody remember a program from the early 60's or so that had monkeys dressed up as people doing people stuff?
  • Lance Link, Secret Chimp? (70's though, not early 60's)
  • TimeFactor: I kiss you!! That's one of them, but the show I'm thinking of was early or mid 60's, and I think the chimps were a family of five. Of course, I've slept since then, and I've met many monkeys--some in family's of five.
  • adTunes is a great place to find out what that groovy song was in that commercial you just saw! hoo-ray!
  • omg.... omg... omg... an entire PAGE of music for The Price is Right with all of the incedental music from the show organized by the prizes being given away? if i could love, i would love YOU, koko. *jumps up and down on sofa shaking ass to "bean stalker"*
  • Back off. She's MINE! *sharpens axe*
  • I think my Brand New Shrine┬« should pump out Price Is Right music nonstop.
  • If that's what the lady wants...
  • then everyone would have to come on down to worship...
  • Would that be a shrine to the Late Johnny Olsen or the Late Rod Roddy? Of course, the music from the Gerry Anderson shows (THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO!) is also major cool.
  • I..I'm sorry, Lady Koko, he doesn't know what he's saying! *takes wendell outside to explain the trouble we've had over these shrines lately...*
  • I must say, I'm impressed with your toadying, loo tenant kitfisto. Tell him what he's won, Johnny!
  • Anyone remember the commercial for "Smash Up Derby"? Did the lyrics really say "Come on little buggers."?
  • Yeah. What have I won?
  • Don't ask me, ask Johnny.
  • *doesn't know anyone called Johnny* *cries*
  • I know someone named Johnny who lives in Long Beach, shall I give him a ring for you?
  • If it means my prize will be drugs, then yes.