January 21, 2006

Curious George That's it, just Curious George

Someone had to do it.

  • oops, should have said sound and pictures comin' at ya... but very SFW
  • I've seen billboards advertising this movie, and it's obvious that they've decided to go more cartoony and cute in depicting George, something which just repels me viscerally. Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat will always remain on the printed page for me.
  • I've seen a few previews for this and it looks, to my eyes, like it has been made lovingly and with a great deal of respect for the temper of the source material. Unfortunately, to my eyes, it still looks like it will be awful.
  • something which just repels me viscerally That would be Will Ferrell. They have to ruin everything from my childhood, don't they?
  • Wait - don't tell me they're doing a live action/CG combo with Will Ferrell as the Man in the Yellow Hat and a cartoon George? My cup runneth over... with bile.
  • Oh and cabingirl - I believe the answer's yes.
  • Didn't someone post this a while back? Sure would be tricky to do a search for it.
  • Looks like ass.
  • I am Curious George. Also, Spaceman Spiff.
  • I'm sorry, did you have a question?
  • Seems very... Nickelodian to me. Which emoticon do I use for contempt?
  • Another monkey overcome by Hollywood Cute. Waves banner: Remember the 100 Acre Woods!
  • bernockle..I realized that...although I did go through all the curious george posts during the past couple of weeks...and since the trailer just hit apple a couple of days ago I thought it might be safe..... My apologies to all, but this was inevitable...
  • Wasn't being critical. Hell, I love double posts. It gives me the opportunity to make the witty comment that I could not think of quickly enough the first time around. I was just imagining that it must have been quite the chore to search for "Curious George" as it would pop up innumberable times.
  • (")(-.-)(") Put those hands in the air ye childhood-destroyin' bastards! I read like all of those books...*tear*
  • *sigh* Not worth even cursin' at 'em. The bastards.
  • The artwork for the movie looks perfectly beautiful. Alas, I fear that may be as far as it goes.
  • They got the eyes wrong. As I think I said.