January 21, 2006

Tales of Old China - complete books, cartoons, photographs, maps, postcards, literary references and quotes and a whole lot more.
  • A-hem.
  • Soooo...you're saying that your 18 months ahead of me? Well that means you'll die first. bugger!
  • You raise a most interesting point, patita, relativce to double posts -- one that, to the best of my knowledge, has nver been really discussed here before. To wit: since monkeyfilter threads remain alive and active, is there a kind of expiration date past which it becomes reasonable to post an old FPP over again? The fact is, MOFi is different from other forums in this regard. My own initial impulse is to say why not use the original thread. But I also realize, with a continual influx of new ,monkeys, and the deficiencies of the MOFi Search function, that it may not be easy to determine whether a site's been the centre of an FPP before.
  • Well, just went into the Eeked threads looking for precedents, and found two and I daresay there are more: car stuck girls, [thread #10704] posted January 19, 2006 is a doulbe of an earlier FPP [thread #3555] posted July 20th, 2004. Manties! [thread #10479] was preceded by Manties -- Panties for Men [#383] back on January 4, 2004.. So there appears to be precedent for this. It does give some advantagbe to being familiar with the contents of the archives, but even new monkeys can access those.
  • In my defence, I did post Manties when the search function was down. I am however aware that this despicable act is worthy of condemnation in the strongest terms. It is to be fulminated against!
  • Would castigation and obloquy be excessive though? And why do both of those sound like having your bollocks chopped off?
  • heaps o'scorn upon the dastards
  • when i see the combination "old" and "china" i think of the cockney term of endearment "x me old china" (as in "x my old china plate", where china plate = mate).
  • We've been together now for forty years and it don't seem a day too much. No, there ain't a lady living in the land as I'd swap for my dear old Ditch*... -- Old muxic hall song Cocjney slang of the late 1899s: Dutch plate [Felft?], that's your mate!
  • There's a compendiium of typos for ye! = Cockney slang of the late 1800s: Dutch plate [Delft?], that's your mate!
  • I consider myself at least fair at comprehending communication of all sorts - but Cockney slang truly and thoroughly boggles my noodle. To the point at hand (but not the topic) I'd say a year or more is understandable for a repost, but I like seeing those old threads on the side pop up. Of course when Bear Guy's trek is done it'll be more exciting. Or so I imagine.
  • Thanks Bees - I was hoping that "Ditch" didn't rhyme with what I was thinking!
  • strange, unexpevted things can appear as my fingers wander inscribing mysteries here