December 31, 2005

Curious George: Weird Yahoo Messenger problem Recently my computer seems to be signing me back into Yahoo Instant Messenger AFTER I have signed out. Anyone ever had this problem?

I turn off my computer after I sign out, but friends say it shows me still online but I don't reply when they try to talk to me. I thought my work computer could be signing me back in so I changed my password (something alpha numeric and case sensetive) and my friends still say they see me online after I sign out. Has anyone else had this problem? Any clues as to what might be causing this and what I should do? Thanks in advance.

  • i know it has a default setting to automatically log on when you start up your computer...look in the preferences/settings window....but this doesn't sound quite like that...could your friends be fucking with you?
  • I don't have it set to sign on automatically. The problem is it seems to be signing me in while my computer's turned completely off. I don't think my friends are screwing with me. I have had two different people tell me about this and they don't know each other. But nonetheless it is very strange.
  • Are you on a Mac? This periodically happened to me on my old i-Book. I never figured out how to fix it. But on my G4 it's never happened. Maybe you need to reinstall Yahoo messenger?
  • I'm not sure that reinstalling it would fix the problem. Would it sign in on you while yours was turned off as well?
  • One of two things was happening- either it was logging me back in after I signed off... or it was never really logging my out to begin with, even though I had logged out and shut down on my end. I would log off and shut down my laptop, and the next time I opened messenger, I would have all these off-line messages pop up from my friends who thought I was still online.
  • you know what...i often get messages from people who think i'm still online ('often' meaning whenever i use YM..which is rarely)...i'm thinking it's not so much a problem of your client software or your computer, but yahoo's servers...are you on a mac?