December 30, 2005

Newsfilter of the Weird for Fremont, CA Local police officer attacked by pack of ravenous Chihuahuas, treated for bites to ankles. In other news, man breaks into house to install porno screensaver to homeowner's computer. Film at 11.
  • Priceless...
  • I've Got to use that excuse for my screen saver. "Honest hunny, Goatse was not on this system TILL the Bad man the Chihuahuas chaced off, put them there!"
  • I quote Debaser. "Priceless..."
  • She fuckin' saw me. Fuck.
  • why do you think those other folks keep a pack of deadly, attack-trained chihuahuas??? they want to keep their computers safe from the old goat....
  • Man, I do NOT like chihuahuas. They are the most awful little shakey sh*tters. Patio lice. I'd be afraid the bites would be infected with teh ugly.
  • aw! come on, have some pity. after all chihuahuas just suffer from the worst inadequacy complex in the known universe---CAUSE THEY ARE NOT REALLY DOGS, AND THEY KNOW IT!!!!