December 30, 2005

Free Stock Photo Resources - a list of over 50 free stock photo .. er.. resources.
  • thank you for this list of resources for stock photos that are free.
  • Indeed. I can see that they are free resources. And good ones. Good free resources. Which is resourceful. And good. Um. *shuffles off to look for thesaurus*
  • Thesauri are free on the internet, Thesauri are also good resources for words. Not so much with the photos... Good link though... very helpful... I had known about SXC for awhile, but hadn't seen many of the ones on that list yet. Thanks!
  • I can use these, actually. I need stock photos for stuff I do at work. I use morguefile all the time. I sometimes take my own photos. But I'm usually too lazy. That is all.
  • these look like really good stock photo resources. Just one question, though- Do I have to pay for them? Do the copright holders require some form of compensation before I make use of their stock photos?
  • I have absolutely no use whatsoever for this rich panoply of photogravure illustrative of various typical situations and items, but am comforted in the knowledge that it is available gratis in an online format. Truly a boon and a bounty.
  • IANAL, but if I were to use a stock photo for commercial or professional use, I'd check the site's terms-of-service, then e-mail the photographer for permission... or just to say thanks and let 'em know that you appreciate their work. If at all possible, you should give the photographer credit. Common courtesy (generally) can't hurt. Awesome resources.
  • I know the ones on Morguefile are free as in speech and in beer, for any usage commercial or non. not sure about the other sites.
  • I can also highly recommend StockXchange; I use 'em all the time at work. And they're free. I don't pay for them. I acquire them over the internets without the expenditure of legal tender.
  • I appreciate this post indicating the wherabouts of publicly available images at the most modest cost of all
  • thanks, chy, for the bounty for which we are about to already have received.
  • *this is good.
  • I see Deconstructo's been dining at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.
  • That price again?
  • It's mr plow. oh, sorry