December 30, 2005

The Million-Dollar Homepage. Pixels for sale, cheap -- just US$1.00! Via Yahoo, of all places.

Minimum purchase 100 pixels. This is quite possibly the ugliest site I've ever seen -- and witnessing the incredible publicity he's getting, I feel like a sucker for helping to promote his ridiculous money-grabbing efforts. But there's something enchanting about this thing.

  • pleeze no more publicity for him!
  • My eyes ran away and were eaten by a stray dog!
  • I have a $2 homepage.
  • Hasn't this crap been around for a while? ugly and boring...why are we posting it here? and, scartol, what is "enchanting" about it??? just curious... and, while you're at it, post a pic of an individual you find "enchanting"...just curious as to how that translates for ya! :)
  • I think it's enchanting to realize that you don't have to be any cleverer or more deserving than that to have a million bucks hit you in the face...
  • i hate this prick. i have dumb ideas all the time and never get a million damn dollars for them.
  • These people are pretty enchanting (at least according to Google Image Search). Look, I know he's a putz. I know I'm wrong for aiding and abetting his rise to fame. But I dunno -- something about it intrigues me. What's enchanting about it? Two things: 1. The dada delusion that the advertisers have that anyone in their target audience will actually make it to their products. I can totally imagine a small retailer trying to reach an audience for .. say, US-state-logo socks thinking to himself: "It's cheap, and I bet people looking for kooky footwear would totally go to a site like this!" 2. This site represents the acme of web advertising. I remember when ads started appearing on websites so many years ago (anyone else remember when there were NO ads on websites?), I wondered how far it would go -- and now we're seeing it: every single pixel becomes an advert. I'm just amazed that there aren't any on this page flying around and flashing and swooping in. I suppose Futurama did it best.
  • I'm not looking forward to seeing all the copycats that this is probably going to engender, but this one is an entertaining variant.