December 29, 2005

Sand+water+salt+oil. Mix in some Java and you have a nice time waster (you must scroll down a little once you get to the page).

If you dont like that, you could race your Cat in a sled, kill a slug, or Whip sinners into heaven.

  • That's a really cool-assed use of Java. The Whipping Sinners one is hard with a trackpad, though.
  • If you go to full-screen you should have the full applet within your window. I spent 3 straight hours playing with this thing yesterday. I will not click on the link. I need to go to bed. But it is pretty awesome.
  • Of course I couldn't resist. The link is different though. Here's a high-resolution version of the sand "game."
  • My braaaainncelllsssss....
  • Excellent. I had way too much fun torturing that slug.
  • Correction: watering the slug makes it grow. I have now had too much fun growing a giant slug, which proceeds to eat everything else on the screen... shit this IS addictive.
  • Oooohhh... this reminds me of an ancient game I had on my Mac-in-the-box back in college. I think it was called 'Despair.' You got a bunch of little stick figure people scrabbling around a vertical maze sort of thing, and a menu of awful things to do to them. My particular favorite was freezing them, and then sending a thunderhead across the screen to shatter the sad little ice-lumps with bolts of lightning. Mmmmfun!