December 26, 2005

Small Ads from the UK
  • i snickered...just a tad.
  • I giggled and forwarded the link.
  • I guffawed...But no one saw me.
  • Now *that's* funny.
  • Hee Hee I answered two of them. The rubber sheets are now mine, and D-D-DDDD-Dave's going to call me b-b-b-bbb-back.
  • That was fun.
  • Kill kill kill, kill them all
  • Kill kill kill, kill them all That's in February, right? *pens in date on planner*
  • Champion! I feckin'loved that! Digg. Opps wrong blog...
  • )))
  • Funny. I had a friend who was going on vacation to some underdeveloped countries. She was hoping for "a mild case of dysentery" to assist in her weight loss goals. Unfortunately, she remained healthy.