November 22, 2005

The Red Meat Construction Set Make your own Read Meat comics. Endless fun.
  • Great link! I love Red Meat, but I hadn't seen this.
  • It's been around a while.
  • I did a search didn't see it. I guess we can say that any comments I get off this thread you get the credit for, cool Wolof?
  • You can get credit nearly anywhere these days.
  • well it was almost two years ago. I bet at least three people have joined since then ;-)
  • I tried to create one, but: 1062: Duplicate entry 'not funny' for key 2
  • Try being funny.
  • Most of these are funnier than Red Meat has been for the last 8 years.
  • I vaguely remember seeing this last time around but didn't pay attention then. I've laughed more in the last half our than since.... well, last night actually, reading "Snow White and the Seven Samurai". But aside from that, since a long time ago.
  • Well, I'll be brave enough to post a RedMeat appropriate original creation that I'm nearly ashamed of but completely amused by: Don't believe teh intrawebs Yeah, I made that. And, to think, with my recent post, I had this idea of putting something serious on MonkeyFilter. Balance. It is all about Balance. (I'm going to hell).
  • Well, crap. I thought this was some sort of Lego kit made from beef. / would make a great gift // hates holiday shopping
  • How about beef made from Legos?
  • mmmm yummy plastic goodness.
  • to get an account on the RMCS you need to find an RMCS author willing to sponsor you. Contact your favorite RMCS author and ask them to sponsor you. OK, this is no fun.
  • Ok, never mind, it's a little fun now.
  • How about beef made from Legos? I don't get it, why's the top of the bun red? Another view.
  • I figured that was a tomato but now nothing makes sense. /husk of the man you once knew
  • hee