November 22, 2005

Chess Knight Movement Game [Flash]
  • 106700 points before losing to the clock. What can I say, I suck at chess.
  • I only got half that, f8x. Keep losing at level 7. So you suck only half as much as I do (^_^) Like Pratchett's Death, I never remember how the little horse pieces move. I spent most of the game blindly clicking away, hoping to move the bloody thing.
  • I've been playing this, on & off, for two months now. 756790.
  • Flash in ff for the Mac sucks large bottom. /disappointed
  • Yahoo I am a world record holder.
  • I got stuck on level 7 too neddy. I will be back though! Knasty kniggets!
  • Gah! My eyes flicked across the comments to "Pratchett's Death" and my heart gave a little bump. Don't scare me like that, Neddy! Made it to level 8 but then the damned thing started lagging. FF + flash, yes. Teh suck.
  • Oh, sorry fractalid! *bows*
  • I made it to 9 hoping that the board got bigger and bigger, but they just start taking time off the clock. Stressy.
  • Alright cool!,level seven I'm falling asleep though. Good practice.