November 21, 2005

It's Jerry Time True tales from the life of Jerry. Episode #1: "Who's THAT GUY?"
  • Oooo very entertaining.....and an easy to relate to story....first time restaurant alienation...
  • I can't believe how much Yanks eat. I wouldn't be able to eat a steak sandwich AND mashed potatoes let alone with the salad as well! And I'm a fat bastard. If I ate the mashed potatoes I wouldn't be able to eat the steakburger. Mind you now I'm feeling kinda hungry.
  • Hey, my name's Jerry! Only I'm not as whiney as that guy. And I have more bandwidth.
  • Jerry needs a bat to the head.
  • Jerry and his ilk are why I'd rather be a hobo than go back to my job in 'hospitality'. If I ever come across him while ridin' the rails, he's in for the worst bindle beatin' of his miserable life...
  • One torpidly awaits further languorous jeramiad from Jerry. Quantity, not quality, appears to rule in most American restaurants (of all standards). In five years of 'chowing down' in a variety of American restaurants, I have yet to enjoy the ubiquitous 'sandwich' - in any of it's forms. Corn bread has the taste and texture of parrot grit, and what American's call a 'salad' is something one would not serve to a starving rabbit. Nay, I lie, there is one restaurant in Raleigh which does serve the edible, unfortunately it's usually full of the unspeakable and thus best avoided.
  • But then, heck! What would I know, ah'm jest one o' them yurrupeeyans!
  • Yeah that guy was obnoxious as hell. Also, situations like that are when I enjoy leaving a tip of 0.00 with eyes in the 0's and a smile underneath.
  • Jeroboam: you missed "z". What? That wasn't supposed to be a pangram? Never mind.
  • Quantity, not quality, appears to rule in most American restaurants (of all standards). Same goes for your comments.
  • meeooow
  • Peanut Butter Jerry Time?
  • I lost my shit when Brian did that on Family Guy this week.
  • Second episode is up. I'm not.. following it, or anything... I just happened to know.. somehow.