October 23, 2005

The Eggcorn Database "This site collects unusual spellings of a particular kind, which have come to be called eggcorns. Typical examples include free reign (instead of free rein) or hone in on (instead of home in on), and many more or less common reshapings of words and expressions: a word or part of a word is semantically reanalyzed, and the spelling reflects the new interpretation."
  • WHoops! My bad.
  • Ha ha ha! /slap now you're in the naughty posting club! Off with yer panties and grease yer arse up! Here comes mr Fister!
  • Time for a visit from Santa...
  • Guess this one's a real boner.
  • sticks and stones, coming up...
  • asshat: "hey fuck you! Not FPP!"
  • Hi, could someone point me in the direction of the Big Dicksuckathon? Thanks.
  • Well, I LIKE the post you snarkers! Glad to see the link again. Where's our Bees? HE'D be appreciative of the new entries. You philistines!
  • Shucks, they're just bein' hornery, BlueHorse. And why? They got up on the wrung side of the bed.
  • Encountered this not long ago: "With an abrupt jester she pointed at the dog." Phonics doesn't always work.