October 15, 2005

Can your shopping list reveal your personality? This collector "[spouts] on about the possible personality of the person who wrote each list. I'm quite harsh at times, at others I feel a pang of compassion. Sometimes I just don't know what items are."

Similar to this site that appeared nearly 18 months ago, the key difference is that on the new site the guy tries to analyse each list. Sometimes he's very funny, at others he's just trying too hard.

  • Actually I often wonder what people would make of my shopping lists... They don't usually make any sense. And they're always on post-it notes. But I wonder this because I'm excessively self-conscious, so I don't know what that says about that guy...
  • Clothes deterg. Coffee Ice cream Cat litter
  • Cheap but luxurious dessert shopping list: Kitty treats Brown sugar Unsweetened chocolate Crème de marrons (a thick "cream" made from sweet chestnuts, usually has vanilla added) Coconut milk Soy milk (I have a casein intolerance, so no animal milks) Mix a bit of coconut milk with the crème de marrons, make hot chocolate using brown sugar, soy milk and a tablespoon of coconut milk. Give kitty his treats. Sit down in a comfortable chair and watch a good movie.
  • Hacksaw 2-strk. fuel add. Bleach TSP Shovel Thick Garb. bags Fava Beans Chianti
  • Ramen Bourbon Gauze Deoderant Beer Nail Clippers
  • paper towels kleenx dryer sheets fruit milk bread cheese
  • That is a great link. I actually have a theory that you can tell a great deal (if not everything) about a person from the little things that they do. In this example, handwriting, items to shop for, type of paper, and perhaps even the order of the items all contribute to the holistic interpretation of the person. In my defence (people are often offended by my "reading a book by it's cover" theory), I don't take it very seriously and am often quite wrong.
  • Silver Goat herb and garlic cheese ginger granola those little chocolate chip cookies in a tub baby artichokes (as opposed to artichoke hearts) Il Fornaio bread peanut buttet pretzels chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels sesame sticks I do so need to go to Trader Joe's, but it's an hour drive from here.
  • Mine will reveal that I like to make enchiladas...
  • I apologize for using "it's" when I should have used "its". I was tired.
  • proscuitto (1 lb) extra virgin olive oil fleur-de-sel pine nuts avacado Stoli tangerine juice ammo
  • It would appear to reveal that blanky's house would be a good place to visit...
  • A house is not a home without a spare bottle of Veuve Clicquot and a good personal protection plan.
  • It would appear to reveal that blanky's house would be a good place to visit... ...and not mine!?
  • Chimpy, I'm thinking that many of us don't want to bother you, as it appears the items on your shopping list indicate that you are going to be doing a lot of clean up and/or house renovation. Either that, or you're prepared to dispose of the bodies, which makes us nervous. And who wants to visit someone who's too damn cheap to supply even a glass of Chianti?
  • Well, I already bought the Chianti, silly. But regardless, would you define yourself as, perhaps, robustly athletic or more of a bean-pole?
  • Well, I would call myself well-muscled with nice marbling. My flanks are juicy, and my tenderloin is succulent. Never mind the Chianti.
  • Bluehorse, I think it sounds like you would go nicely with something a bit richer, perhaps a nice full-bodied Barbera?