October 15, 2005

Mickey Mouse tackles suicide among other topics including adultery and pedophilia, in a series of 15 comic strrips. Old, but worth a look if you've never seen it.
  • I think I better wait til I get home, considering where I work.
  • Won't let me see anything beyond the thumbnails. A little logo of the hosting company pops up instead of the strips.
  • Kind of creepy, but also funny. Good link. I wanna know how the storyline ends, though.
  • Site is down at the moment.
  • Odd. It works fine for me. Try this link?
  • I saw it...but wha' huh?
  • Yeah, Walt was really fucked up.
  • Thanks stepself. Your second link worked after the one in the post didn't. There is something a little heartbreaking (and creepy) about watching Minnie fall for Mr. Slicker.
  • It took a squirrel to show me what a nut I was.
  • Really, though, it's bothering me that they don't have the resolution of the story arc. I want to see Mickey pop Mr. Slicker in the nose or something.
  • These date from back in the thirties, when a gentleman by the name of Floyd Gottfredson used to draw and write a daily newspaper strip about Mickey. Back then, before they cut his little mice balls off, Mickey battled gamblers, slave rings and smugglers and packed a pistol. Horace Horsecollar, Goofy, Donald and Mickey were more Sherlock Holmes and Batman than My Little Pony. Them were the days. I recommend getting access to some of the early Gladstone reprints from the nineties of these strips. They're brilliant.
  • I love these. The themes are very adult, yet they never use words stronger than "good gosh!" Very weird, these old comics.
  • Barnacle Press vintage comic strips.