October 13, 2005

Timecube... the RPG [found by using the wayback machine]
  • I love you. I just wanted to say that.
  • the_bone is the Greatest Thinker and the Wisest Human.
  • He has snazzy pants, too. Sure, sometimes he leaves them carelessly draped over his Chair of Wisdom, but it's not like he's Ted Jesus Christ God or anything.
  • So who wants to GM?
  • the_bone is the great gedankener. May his Lichtenberg continue to scheinen.
  • Either nobody GMs, or everyone does simultaneously in four dimensions. I laughed. And cringed.
  • You claim to play a single D20 game. 4 simultaneous 4-sided dice + 4 = 1 D20. Hence 4-sided die transcends D20 game. Why do you play such a stupid game? GM bastards will deny the obvious. Acknowledge the D4 or you will die evil. I will award 10,000 experience points to the evil GM bastards if they disprove Game Cube.