October 13, 2005

The Cat's Eye
Other photographs.
  • That's just gorgeous! Thank you, Gyan.
  • Yeah thanks for posting these! So beautiful.
  • That is very cool, thanks!
  • That first photo reminds me of the mindblowing self-portrait by an astronaut, in which the camera and his hands are reflected in his helmet while Earth is directly behind him. It's the clarity of the reflection in the cat's eye. Just gorgeous.
  • Cats. I love. Wow. *many many )))*
  • Ooo - Neddy's back in town, everybody (just noticed!) Helloooo!
  • I really like the first large pic.
  • *
  • @
  • Very lovely. Thanks Gyan! and yay! neddy's back! hi neddy! *jumps up and down and waves*