October 12, 2005

Congratulations to China on the successful launch of their 2nd manned space flight: "Wen said in his congratulation speech minuets ago that "We launches Shenzhou-6 out of peaceful purpose."
  • This was live on TV here but I forgot and missed it! no doubt it'll be the main bit on the evening news. Enjoying the discussions on some of the local message boards the launch has engendered - from 'Aren't we great?' to "Shouldn't we be spending the money on the poor?". Isn't the ship a knock-off of an old Soviet Soyuz?
  • They're going live to the launch site and to the interior (very poky looking) of the rocket quite regularly on CCTV-1. Just watched a recording of the launch and the seperation of the vcarious stages. Now they're interviewing some scienctist explaing how it's got to navigate through a layer of old space junk.
  • Maybe *now* they'll straighten up that pesky wall. Seeing is believing.
  • I'm sure they're up to no good, those filthy commies.
  • There's no cheese in space.
  • Fjord.
  • Check out this page of pics from the ever-reliable People's Daily. Am I right in thinking they've just Photshopped the two guys' heads into a generic space suit photo?
  • No, man, they're communists. They used GIMP.
  • No, they use a pirate version of Photoshop they bought in Hong Kong.
  • It's only the bottom two that look 'shopped to me, although in that case the fact that every wrinkle on their suits is identical should be a dead giveaway.
  • Hey a journal or newspaper photoshopping a picture - how dare you
  • Chinese space posters, part of this collection.